It seems like every day a new study comes out reporting on the health benefits of exercise. Indeed, current scientific research outlines many benefits that come from exercising. A recent study published in Neuropsychologica is no different. Its findings purport that 10 minutes of aerobic exercise can improve brain function.

The study followed a group of students from the University of Western Ontario. Half of these students exercised for 10 minutes, while the other group lounged around for 10 minutes. After time was up, both groups received testing that gauged their cognitive abilities. The group who exercised had better response time and were more accurate in their answers than the group that lounged. The improvement in the exercise group’s scores compared to their pre-exercise scores was almost 14%.

Previous research had shown that benefits in brain function develop after 20 minutes of exercise. This study shows the time may be half of that. Currently, researchers are working on a study to investigate how long these positive brain effects last.


Samani, Ashna, and Matthew Heath. “Executive-Related Oculomotor Control Is Improved Following a 10-Min Single-Bout of Aerobic Exercise: Evidence from the Antisaccade Task.” Neuropsychologia, 27 Nov. 2017,

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