Chemotherapy is stressful on the body. One side effect is that it can leave patients vulnerable to dehydration. Dehydration happens when the body loses more fluid than it takes in. Certain chemo medications dry the body out, and potential side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting also contribute. Because of the toll dehydration can take on the body, it’s important to stay hydrated while having chemo. Below are some tips.

Remember, that food counts towards fluid intake. Soups and broths are great sources of liquid. Frozen popsicles can also deliver liquid. Fruits and vegetables pack water content, some more than others. Watermelon, lettuce, strawberries, celery, and pineapple are good choices for water content.

Sip through the day. Drinking when thirsty usually isn’t enough while undergoing chemo. This is especially true if you are having issues such as diarrhea. In fact, it’s possible to become dehydrated while never feeling thirsty. Having a steady fluid intake throughout the day is the best way to stave off dehydration.

While water is the best option for staying hydrated, try other liquids if you are getting sick of water. Decaf teas are great. Milk, juice, and sports drinks are alright options. Just be wary of their sugar content.

Chemotherapy is never easy, but planning can make the recovery go smoother. If you, or someone you know, is dealing with cancer, remember that we are here to help. Our care staff can provide a variety of services to those recovering from or battling cancer.

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