There are no guarantees when it comes to cancer. Every individual cancer case will be different. However, there are certain types of cancer that have better treatment success than others. We’ll outline three of them below.

Prostate Cancer: Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer will survive. This is because most prostate cancer tumors grow slowly, and some don’t grow at all. Only a small percentage of prostate cancers will spread quickly. As with any cancer that spreads, the survivability rates go down. The good news is that prostate cancer is an easy one to catch early.

Melanoma: While late stage melanoma is dangerous, the early stages of it are much easier to treat. Because melanoma grows on the surface of the skin, it’s an easy cancer to spot early.

Thyroid Cancer: Like prostate cancer, most thyroid cancers grow slowly. Doctors are also increasingly finding thyroid cancers easier to spot than before. There is a type of thyroid cancer called anaplastic thyroid cancer that is very dangerous but is also extremely rare.

A common thread among these three cancers is early diagnosis. These three diseases lend themselves to early diagnosis. Early diagnosis increases the chances of recovery and remission for any type of cancer. Cancer should be taken seriously, but with early detection and treatment, many can survive.

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