You may have heard that diabetics have a harder time with heat. This is true, for a variety of reasons. Nerve and blood vessel damage from diabetes can impede the body’s ability to cool itself. Diabetics, in general, are also more apt to dehydrate. Because of this, it is important to take extra precautions in the summer, especially as we approach peak temperatures. We’ll outline some tips below.

• Test your blood sugar often: This might be more important to do at this time a year than any other as drastic changes in temperature can lead to unexpected blood sugar changes.

• Be careful where you store medical supplies: Diabetes medication and monitoring equipment are heat-sensitive as well. Do not leave them in a hot car. Always keep them in a cool location.

• Wear sunscreen and a hat when outside: Sunburn can raise blood sugar levels.

• Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol in them: These substances can dry you out more, as well as raise blood sugar.

• Drink plenty of water: As mentioned before, diabetics are more prone to dehydration.

Peak summer temperatures can be dangerous for almost anybody, but diabetics have a special predisposition. It’s important to keep careful track of your blood sugar and how you are feeling. With the right precautions, anyone can beat the heat.

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