Type 2 diabetes is where the body does not use insulin properly. It is the most common form of diabetes. If left untreated, dangerous health complications can arise. It’s important to be able to identify symptoms of it to avoid such situations. Below we’ll outline some common symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

• Increased thirst: The nature of type 2 diabetes dries out body tissues, leading to an increased need for fluids.

• Frequent urination: type 2 diabetes forces fluids out of the cells and to the kidneys, causing people to need to go more.

• Fatigue

• Blurry vision

• Excessive hunger

• Non-healing sores or cuts

Typically, routine diabetes screening will begin at around age 45. However, certain factors may make it pertinent to screen earlier. These would include sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy weight, and family history of type 2 diabetes. Controlling type 2 diabetes is important. Remember that we are here to help. Our staff can help educate patients and families on how to better manage type 2 diabetes.

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