Germs are everywhere. However, some germs are more harmful than others. Because of that, proper cleaning is important. This is especially true with household items, but how often should certain things be cleaned? We will reveal below.

• Pillows: Every six months. They should also be replaced every few years.

• Sheets: Every one or two weeks. Sheets collect a lot of skin cells, sweat, and other less savory things.

• Dish towels: Every week. These collect all the nasty stuff off our kitchen counters and dishes.

• Hand towels: Every two to three days. If this seems excessive, then just replace them every two to three days. Hand towels quickly gather a lot of nasty bacteria.

• Comforters: Every six months.

• Door knobs: In areas like bathrooms and kitchens, once a week. Other rooms don’t need washing that often.

• Rugs: Every one or two weeks.

Cleanliness is important, doing it properly even more so.

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