In recent years, studies have shown the health benefits nuts can have on heart health. However, most of these studies have been small in scale and were more observational in nature. Now, a recent review of clinical trials about nuts provides more concrete evidence for the heart-healthy nature of nuts.

This study assessed the data collected from 26 randomized trials. The total number of participants numbered 1,059 and ranged between 22 and 75 years old. Among the participants were people living with cardiovascular issues such as high cholesterol and obesity. Scientists evaluated nut rich diets vs other diets such as the western, Mediterranean, and low-fat diets.

The results showed that those who had a diet rich in nuts had a 3.25 percent greater reduction of total cholesterol levels and a 5.52 percent greater reduction of triglycerides compared to the other diets.

This study does have a few weaknesses. The main one being that most of the studies reviewed had small sample sizes. Some trials also used a large amount of walnuts, but benefits were noticed with smaller amounts of walnuts. Regardless, incorporating a few nuts a day in your diet might not be a bad idea for heart health.

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