Hospitalizations are stressful experiences. It’s easy to want to rush out of there as quick as possible and get back home to recover. However, this can be dangerous. The transition time from hospital to home is critical. If not handled carefully, mistakes can be made that land a person back in the hospital. Here is what you need to know to plan a successful transition.

• Know what resources you will have at home after a discharge. While it’s tempting to get back home as soon as possible, it’s important to know what care resources will be available for you. Do you have family and friends who will be able to help care for you? Do you have anyone who can help monitor your condition? If not, you might want to look into hiring some assistance.

• Understand why the hospitalization happened. It’s not uncommon to not fully understand why someone was hospitalized. If one finds him or herself unable to understand the diagnosis, do not be afraid to ask for clarification until everything is clear.

• Get all medications and new equipment in order. A common reason for hospitalizations is failure to understand how to use new equipment or not taking medication correctly. Become fully aware of how to use any new equipment and medication before leaving the hospital. Make sure that any family caregivers are also properly educated.

Hospitalizations often signal drastic changes in health. It’s important to plan for the recovery afterwards carefully. If you find yourself in need of extra help after a hospitalization, remember, we are here to help. When patients are transitioning to home, our nurses can coordinate all equipment, verify correct use, help with your meds, monitor your health, and much more – all with Medicare paying 100%.

Aspen Healthcare serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Area as a premier provider of home health care, hospice, respiratory therapy, personal assistance, and private duty nursing. At Aspen, we are dedicated to our patients and pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide. We care for your family as you would. Call us today at (972) 316-2035.

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