Over 44 million Americans have low bone density, which puts them at a higher risk for injury. Bone health is determined by many factors. While there are risk factors such as age and gender that we cannot control, daily habits can play a role in the development of bone health. These daily habits are modifiable. Below is a list of habits that can harm bone health.

• Poor diet: Lack of certain nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium can lead to weakened bones.

• Sedentary lifestyle: Not being active causes bones to lose their density, thus leading to higher risk of fractures.

• Smoking: Smoking can mess with hormones and leave people, particularly women, with increased bone loss.

• Drinking: Drinking can also mess with hormones related to bone health.

• Not doing weight-bearing exercise: Research shows that weight-bearing exercise helps strengthen bones.

If you are concerned about bone health, talk to your doctor about habits you can change to help facilitate better bone health.

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