Grip strength isn’t just important for athletes, it’s important for everyone. Studies are showing that there may be a connection between grip strength and overall wellness. It could potentially be used to predict health outcomes.

A recent study involved over half a million UK citizens, aged 40-69, who were examined over the years for overall physical fitness. They were also given extensive questionnaires about their lifestyles. Grip strength was also measured. Weak grip strength was defined as less than 57 pounds for men and 35 pounds for women.

For every 11-pound increment of strength below the above thresholds, the risk of general mortality for men rose 16% and for women rose 20%. Specifically, morality from heart disease increased 22% for men and 19% for women. While mortality from respiratory disease increased 24% in men and 31% in women.

Pay attention to your grip strength. If you feel like your grip is getting weaker, that may be a sign of trouble.


Celis-Morales, Carlos A, et al. “Associations of Grip Strength with Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Cancer Outcomes and All Cause Mortality: Prospective Cohort Study of Half a Million UK Biobank Participants.” The BMJ, British Medical Journal Publishing Group, 8 May 2018,

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