Is Physical Therapy in Home Effective?

A big misconception about physical therapy (PT) is that you have to have heavy equipment and expensive tools to have a rehab program that works. This in not always the case. If you are rehabbing from a total hip or knee replacement, a stroke, or even problems like Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, being at home is a way to heal and rehab without long travels.

 Orthopaedic Nursing published an article  in 2016 that followed patients after receiving total knee surgery.[1] Some patients received home-health physical therapy followed by outpatient PT, while others only attended outpatient PT. There was no difference found between the groups when looking at function and range of motion. Home PT was not inferior to outpatient PT. However, when patients qualify, Medicare pays 100% for home health with no copays.

The purpose of PT is to return to full functional mobility. This allows you to return to what you enjoy doing the most. Sometimes, your injury may prevent you from leaving your home to attend PT. Rehab in the comfort of your home and not traveling may be right for you.

[1]  Warren, Meghan, et al. ” A Comparative Study to Determine Functional and Clinical Outcome Differences between Patients Receiving Outpatient Direct Physical Therapy versus Home Physical Therapy Followed by Outpatient Physical Therapy after Total Knee Arthroplasty.” Orthopaedic Nursing., November/December 2016: 35(6).

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