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Lady looking for birds

Embrace the Outdoors: The Joys of Bird Watching for Seniors

As the warmth of spring and summer approaches, finding engaging outdoor activities becomes crucial for the happiness and health of our senior loved ones. One particularly delightful activity to consider is bird watching. Bird watching offers an opportunity to connect with nature, whether you’re in your yard, neighborhood, local parks, or walking trails. Taking the […]

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Supporting an Older Adult Transitioning to Wheelchair Use

When an older adult you love transitions to using a wheelchair, they may experience a mix of emotions such as fear, embarrassment, anger, and despair. Your support and reassurance can make a significant difference during this challenging time. Listen and Validate Emotions It’s essential to listen without trying to “fix” the situation or appearing condescending. […]

Diagram of Joint Health

The 7 Habits Bad for Your Joints

Your daily habits, from what you eat to how often you text, can significantly impact the health of your joints. Over decades of use, anything you do repeatedly is likely to cause wear and tear. This is especially true for the protective cushion between your bones known as cartilage. As we age, the risk of […]

The Best Protein Sources to Include in a Healthy Diet. Picture of eggs, mushrooms, cheese, fish and beef.

The Best Protein Sources to Include in a Healthy Diet

In the quest for a healthy lifestyle, protein is often heralded as the cornerstone of a balanced diet. Not only is it crucial for muscle repair and growth, but it also plays a vital role in many bodily functions, including enzyme production, immune system support, and hormone regulation. Incorporating high-quality protein sources into your diet […]

Take Care of Your Heart from the Start. Picture of a stethoscope and an animated heart.

Take Care of Your Heart from the Start

It’s no secret that cardiovascular problems during our middle and latter years can cause cognitive decline as we age. However, a new study shows that high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and elevated blood sugars in early adulthood are also linked to cognitive deficits later in life.1 The study started with over 3000 people between […]

Exercises for People With COPD. Picture of a young black male doctor looking at a chest xray.

Exercises for People With COPD

Exercise is important for a healthy body. In the cases of people with conditions such as COPD this is doubly so. Fortunately, there are a variety of exercises available for those who have this challenge in their lives. For many, exercise can help make the daily lives of those who have COPD easier. The simplest […]

Diabetes Increases Stroke Risk in Women. Picture of a young latino female nursing aide assisting an older caucasian female in checking her blood sugar.

Diabetes Increases Stroke Risk in Women

Diabetes, a chronic condition affecting millions worldwide, is often associated with a myriad of health complications. Among these, the heightened risk of stroke stands as a particularly grave concern, especially for women. Understanding the intricate relationship between diabetes and stroke risk is crucial for effective prevention and management strategies. The Diabetes-Stroke Link Research has consistently […]

Boosting Your Energy: Simple Lifestyle Changes Combat Fatigue. Picture of an older black male and an older black female walking outside in a park.

Boosting Your Energy: Simple Lifestyle Changes Combat Fatigue

In today’s fast-paced world, fatigue seems to be an all-too-common complaint. Juggling work, family caregiving, and personal responsibilities can leave us feeling drained and depleted. However, in the quest for higher energy levels, many individuals overlook the power of simple lifestyle changes. Let’s explore how small adjustments to your daily routine can make a significant […]

Understanding the Impact of Aging on Focus and Concentration. Picture of an older black male with a strong look of concentration on his face.

Understanding the Impact of Aging on Focus and Concentration

As we age, it’s natural for various aspects of our cognitive function to change. One area that often undergoes noticeable shifts is our ability to focus and maintain concentration. Whether it’s forgetting where you left your keys or finding it harder to stay engaged in a task, the effects of aging on focus can be […]

In Odor to Tell. Picture of part of a caucasian male's face showing his eye and nose.

In Odor to Tell

Someday doctors may be able to screen for Alzheimer’s using a simple scratch and sniff test, according to two Columbia University studies. Dr. William Kreisl, a neurologist at Columbia University, and a team of researchers studied 84 people in their 60s and 70s, including 58 with memory problems indicative of early Alzheimer’s. Participants took the […]