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Lady looking for birds

Embrace the Outdoors: The Joys of Bird Watching for Seniors

As the warmth of spring and summer approaches, finding engaging outdoor activities becomes crucial for the happiness and health of our senior loved ones. One particularly delightful activity to consider is bird watching. Bird watching offers an opportunity to connect with nature, whether you’re in your yard, neighborhood, local parks, or walking trails. Taking the […]

African American couple smiling in sunshine

Supporting an Older Adult Transitioning to Wheelchair Use

When an older adult you love transitions to using a wheelchair, they may experience a mix of emotions such as fear, embarrassment, anger, and despair. Your support and reassurance can make a significant difference during this challenging time. Listen and Validate Emotions It’s essential to listen without trying to “fix” the situation or appearing condescending. […]

Diagram of Joint Health

The 7 Habits Bad for Your Joints

Your daily habits, from what you eat to how often you text, can significantly impact the health of your joints. Over decades of use, anything you do repeatedly is likely to cause wear and tear. This is especially true for the protective cushion between your bones known as cartilage. As we age, the risk of […]