Exercises for People With COPD

Exercise is important for a healthy body. In the cases of people with conditions such as COPD this is doubly so. Fortunately, there are a variety of exercises available for those who have this challenge in their lives. For many, exercise can help make the daily lives of those who have COPD easier.

The simplest activity for people with COPD to do is walking. Even walking at a slow pace for a few minutes a day to start out will help. As time goes on, try to add more time and distance to keep building that strength. Riding a stationary bike is also a good option. Just like with walking, starting out slow and steady is a good idea.

There are also some muscle workouts to consider as well. Simple muscle building exercises such as arm curls, forward arm raises, and calf raises are great for fitness. Another interesting muscle building activity is to work out your diaphragm. This one is important because your diaphragm muscle controls breathing. To do this one, sit in a chair and put one hand on your chest and another below your rib cage. Slowly inhale through your nose and exhale with pursed lips through your mouth while tightening your stomach. During this exercise, the hand on your chest should not be moving. This one is recommended for 5-to-10-minute sessions, 3 to 4 times a day.

Remember, however, there is no shame in taking a day off from exercise if your COPD symptoms are particularly active. If COPD symptoms take a turn for the worse, remember that we are here to help with nursing, customizing exercise therapy plans, and more. Medicare pays 100% for qualified beneficiaries.

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