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Bad Habits for Joint Health. Picture of 2 hispanic females exercising.

Bad Habits for Joint Health

When it comes to joint pain, we can sometimes be our own worst enemies. Our daily habits can wreak havoc on our joints. Below, are some habits that can lead to bad joint health. Our daily habits can play a big role in our overall health. It’s important to be able to identify problem habits […]

African American couple concerned with aging and depression.

Aging or Depressed

Although depression is a mental health condition and is a widespread problem in older adults, it is not a general part of getting older. Due to some overlap between signs of depression and signs of getting older, depression is often not recognized or treated.  Elderly experiencing depression may just appear to be lost in thought […]

Lady holding a glucose meter

Diabetic People and Neuropathy  

Although different types of diabetic neuropathy can affect people who have diabetes, research suggests that up to one-half of people with diabetes have peripheral neuropathy.1 Neuropathies are a series of conditions that cause damage to the nervous system. More than 30 percent of people with diabetes have autonomic neuropathy.2 Autonomic neuropathy affects involuntary functions of […]

Medication Safety Tips. Picture of several prescription bottles sitting on a table.

Medication Safety Tips

As we get older, the odds of us taking more medications go up. Whether it be prescription, over-the-counter, or even vitamins, medications taken incorrectly and haphazardly are a great health risk. Below are some guidelines to follow when dealing with medications. These are just some of the guidelines to follow when taking medications. If you […]

Take Care of Your Heart from the Start. Picture of a stethoscope with the lead showing as a EKG reading.

Take Care of Your Heart from the Start

It’s no secret that cardiovascular problems during the middle and latter years can cause cognitive decline as people age. However, a new study shows that high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and elevated blood sugar in early adulthood are also linked to cognitive deficits later in life.1 The study started with over 3000 people between […]

Falls in Older Persons: Risk Factors and Prevention. Picture of a young black female aide, helping an older black female get up after a fall.

Falls in Older Persons: Risk Factors and Prevention

Falls are a marker of frailty, immobility, and acute and chronic health impairment in older persons. Falls in turn diminish function by causing injury, activity limitations, fear of falling, and loss of mobility. Most injuries in the elderly are the result of falls; fractures of the hip, forearm, humerus, and pelvis usually result from the […]

Is It a Heart Attack? Picture of hands holding a hologram image of a human heart.

Is It a Heart Attack?

The term “silent heart attack” refers to when a person has a heart attack but didn’t know. Surprisingly, a study published recently in Circulation, the Journal of the American Heart Association, found that 45% of heart attacks happen without people being fully aware.1 The problem is that silent heart attacks cause just as much damage […]

UCLA Loneliness Scale. Picture of a question mark and hands holding a phone with a question mark on the screen.

UCLA Loneliness Scale

Loneliness increases with age, and it is connected with a surprising number of health effects such as high blood pressure, heart disease, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even mortality. When it comes to loneliness, we all feel it in different ways. Some people feel lonely when they are by […]

What is Home Health Care? Picture of a caucasian female stacking building blocks regarding home care.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care (HHC) is a service that can be received in the privacy of your own home.  HHC can support earlier discharge from inpatient settings or prevent hospitalization in the first place, thereby improving health and saving money for you and for Medicare. Examples of home health services you may receive: But what is […]

Safely Independent. Picture of a hand holding a purple ribbon.

Safely Independent

Some patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s can live in the community with some help from family or home care providers.  Below are  tips to help people live with safety and confidence. These steps are great building blocks to help persons with Alzheimer’s disease, but being flexible and capable of adapting to individuals will help deal […]